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Established in 2005, Cornerstone Charitable Foundation (CCF) is a Beloit, KS domiciled 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Cornerstone Charitable Foundation was established to strengthen local Catholic communities for future generations. We provide grants, loans, bond financing, structured giving and endowment-building capabilities to Catholic schools, parishes, foundations and mission-supportive nonprofit organizations in Beloit, KS, and around the country. It does this through financial support of 6 areas of interest (AOI):

1) Evangelization – To provide financial assistance to evangelization and faith-strengthening efforts.

2) Teachers – To provide financial assistance to benefit faculty and staff of Catholic schools.

3) Student Scholarships – To provide financial assistance to benefit current and former Catholic school students.

4) Facilities – To provide financial assistance for constructing, maintaining or improving Catholic community buildings and grounds.

5) Endowment Fund – To provide a growing and continuous long term funding mechanism for CCF’s activities.

6) Clergy – To provide financial assistance to benefit retired priests.

As a separate and distinct legal entity, CCF is not affiliated with any other organization.  It was established by a committed group of Beloit residents who wanted to ensure that the Catholic faith continues to thrive in their community and beyond.

As such, the corporate structure, governance and financial model of Cornerstone can serve as a successful example to be emulated by supporters of nonprofit organizations throughout the country.

Cornerstone also advances its charitable mission by serving as a Conduit Bond Issuer on behalf of nonprofit institutions throughout the country.